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Welcome to the world as I see it in all its delicious detail.  All of the shapes and colors of each object are like a prism which forces me to look at every tiny aspect of the image.  I am fascinated by the opportunity to learn and translate this texture and multiple colors onto a canvas.  As I have traveled extensively, I use the images that I have seen or captured to create my artist image of the landscape scene, still life or human figure.  Each painting is my opportunity to learn another aspect of my craft or investigate how to feel, in paint, the emotional impact of my vision.  I, particularly, am interested in capturing the story of human nature and all of the intricacies of the human experience.  Even in my landscapes, I will try and tell a story – why is that man walking through the garden, why walking at the lake at the base of the mountain, etc.   If you look closely, you may find someone there investigating my world.